Landfill Landfill

Here at Eco 2 Development Recycling Center (North Memphis Landfill), we provide the Memphis area a clean, well-organized, safe, and environmentally responsible disposal site. We are a class III  landfill accepting most Construction & Demolition Wastes.

Our objective is to provide a safe site with the most efficient turnaround time as possible for our customers. We have a dedicated team to assist our customers and  ensure waste received is acceptable for our landfill.

The landfill has more than 25 years remaining life, having a capacity to serve the greater Memphis area for years to come.

Through our trucking company affiliate, Jimmy T. Wood, we can also provide you with comprehensive transportation truck hauling services for your demolition, land clearing and other C&D related projects.

Being Green

Our recycling efforts of the material brought to our site for disposal, conserves and extends the life of the landfill space and reduces the carbon footprint of producing new products and materials.

We continually explore, discover and implement new ways to recycle more waste materials. We’ve instituted several recycling programs associated with concrete, scrap metal, compost and asphalt shingles, as well as extraction of various materials from the waste stream for re-purposing.